Your Revolution

Let’s start with you

The most important part of your Revolution is you and the ones you love the most. What do you love the most?
How we can capture the your portraits?

Get the camera!

Once we know what you want from your experience we can start to build an amazing photoshoot. Your expert photographer will invite you into our state-of-the-art studio, let the memories begin

Clever little clickers

After your photoshoot, whilst you are sat at home with a hot cuppa, our outstanding team of digital artists will select your very best images and start to build your cinematic viewing.

Pull up a pew

For the second part of your experience you will be invited back to our luxury cinema room. The very best images captured in your photoshoot will be shown to music.

Where’s the ruler?

During your cinematic viewing you will be shown our extensive range of designer, bespoke products. Simply choose your favourite portaits and how you would like to take them home.

Produce, Inspect, Deliver

Your chosen products are then hand produced by our expert lab, meticulously checked and delivered back to our studio ready for you to take home.

Let’s Start With You

Everyone is different, we all have different phones, choice of emoji, way of texting, colour of clothes, personality just to mention a few. We at Revolution Portraits understand that and want to get to know you before we can even think about taking an image.

Our team will work with you before your portrait experience, to understand your family, your children, your new born baby or even your pets. We firstly need to start by getting the best appointment for you to come in. Our advice is not to look at the family diary but think about when the children are at their best. Once we have booked your appointment we will start to get to know you. Our skilled team at this point will give you some pointers to think about for your new born photoshoot or your family portrait. The more information we can get to know about you and your family set up the better the preparation for the photographer will be.

A few days before your photoshoot the photographer will need to talk you through your session. They are very skilled in making sure every session is personalised to your family mix.

On the day of your session, our photographer will make everyone feel at ease. We do not want to capture staged expressions and the more personalised we can make the images the better. Our photographers are very experienced and understand that children have the terrible twos, babies cry when you want them to smile, getting out of the door and into town with an new born deserves an Olympic medal, teenagers are cool and dad’s think I hate having my photo taken. We will make everyone feel special and give you the best personalised photography experience.

We understand that photography is a bit of an art, like the colour or style of your car or kitchen we know there will be different photographic styles that you like. Don’t worry the photographer will talk you all through that.

Our belief is that if you going to do something do it right, we are not about just taking some snappy happy photos we want to capture some amazing images that shout out look how amazing your family is.

Get The Camera

Click, click, click…your photographer is trained to capture the very best of every experience. With a couple of clothing changes and things you have brought, the results will be exceptional!

This is where we take everything we have learnt about you and your family to create memories that will last a lifetime. Your expert photographer is trained to involve everyone in your session, employing an extensive range of lighting and styles. We are proud to utilise the very best, professional equipment to ensure we really capture every emotion during your experience with us.

Our studios can comfortably house up to 15 family members at once and are the best place to get everyone together. We have private changing facilities and a relax area at the rear of the studio where family members can take a break whilst the rest of your family enjoy the fun.

Please be aware that our session rooms in both of our studios are housed upstairs, please call the studio to discuss any specific requirements, we will strive to accommodate your request.

Clever Little Clickers

Once your images have been taken in the fully digital studio the creative team go to work. We assign several hours to the team on each photographic session. Every image we create is unique, our experienced digital artist and creative team will work on your images to ensure they are personal to you. They will use their expert judgement to pick out only the very best of shots taken at your photography session.

Once we have your best images selected the expert team will start their creative flare. Our team use only the latest professional industry standard software and hardware to make all the great shots into amazing images. There are so many apps and imagery tools which people use however our team are not only classically trained they understand imagery which takes years of experience to develop.

The digital retouching used on every set of images we create is always natural, an art that only a skilled digital artist can create. The final touches is where your imagery expert will put together the images in a sequence that will reflect the very best of your photography session. They will produce an amazing show ready for you to enjoy.

Pull Up A Pew

Once the team has worked on your images we will select approximately 40/50 of the best and invite you back to your own private viewing. Your show will be played movie style on a cinema style large screen, with a show case of your very best images all set to music. We will aim to incorporate all different styles and sets to your movie so you really get the full theatre experience. You can sit back and relax on our comfy sofas and enjoy seeing yourself, and your family as never before.

It’s another part of your amazing experience with us so we’re sure nobody will want to miss out! If you do have any additional family members that want to come and enjoy your family’s show then we will be more than happy to include them.

Where’s The Ruler?

As Part of the viewing experience we will then guide you through the design of your ‘own bespoke’ products, whether it is single impact images or collections of images on one product, We have something for everyone!

If it is framed images you like we have different options. Sizes range from 13″x10″ up to 40″x30″ in squares, rectangles and panoramic styles with various choice of framing finishes:

Framed Contemporary
  • Simplicity is a modern hardwood hand crafted frame with a slim sleek finish with a small inner mount that allows the image to stand out
  • Classic as in the title is more traditional with a substantial frame with a double mount and fillet.
  • Fine Art with a modern metal frame with inner fine mount on high quality paper.
Frameless Contemporary
  • Fusion 12 separate blocks in different shapes and sizes all on one frame, our top designer piece.
  • Art Blocks with the image heat sealed and lacquered on a board.
  • Alumen your images transformed and heat sealed onto a sheet of flawless aluminium
Digital Copyright
  • Digital copyright package (all your show in hi resolution including app style gallery, direct to your phone).

We will create products of your choice together, with different designs, styles including black and white and be able to show you how it will appear on your wall as the finished article.

Produce, Inspect, Deliver

After being expertly produced in the UK by our exclusive supplier; your order will go through rigorous quality checks to ensure the images and the product itself are of the highest standard and perfect to present to you.

We will then arrange a convenient collection time from the studio for you to view the finished product, all that remains is for you to take it home display on the wall and let your friends and family admire it and get years of pleasure from ‘That Moment in Time’